Analyzing the operations and financial performance of prospective merger and acquisition candidates, and where appropriate, preparing the target companies’ existing strategy and operations for the changes anticipated by the merger or acquisition. For instance, there may need to be changes in board composition, strategic direction, management personnel and/or procedures, technology or manufacturing processes, or company identity. These issues must be addressed in advance of the acquisition and, better yet, be contemplated in the acquisition negotiations and planning, before closing.

Overseeing the merged or acquired businesses on an on-going basis and our clients will have little or no familiarity with business practices in the United States and will require our assistance to guide the merger implementation process and oversee operations on its behalf. In addition, as the acquired businesses mature, whether the investment is either strategic or portfolio, it will require continual oversight and possible changes in operations and capitalization. Given the dynamic nature of economic conditions everywhere, every company will require changes in technology, marketing and market positioning, senior management and other organizational considerations, and of course, from time to time, changes in capitalization, including eventual sale of the investors’ original acquisition interest.