Executive Management Team

Apex Landmark consists of experienced international business professionals offer expert services, including real estate investments, asset management, assisting with cross cultural communications, and other special client services.

J.P. Li CEO & Managing Partner
J.P. Li is the CEO and Managing Partner of Apex Landmark who is aimed to create financial platform which will enhance investment opportunities for businesses from United States and China and initiate strategic partnerships which will strengthen mutual understandings and development of international business relations. As CEO of Apex Landmark, J.P. Li is responsible for managing the overall executive leadership of operations and resources, developing strategic plans and implementing vision to ensure alignment with overall objectives. J.P. also serves as Apex Landmark investment committee Co-Chairman in making key investment decisions to create the increased financial returns and strategic values.

With significant amount of experiences in domestic and international private equity investments, deal structuring, commercial banking, mergers and acquisitions and real estate investments, J.P. has executed investments on behalf of institutional investors and global conglomerate corporations. With J.P.’s vision and leadership, Apex Landmark has successfully created large private investment vehicles in healthcare innovation, real estate and hospital infrastructure development.

J.P. is also well-known young leader contributing a strong record of civic and community service at the city, state and international level. He was elected by the Board of Directors to serve as the President of US China Educational, Economic & Cultural Foundation (UCEECF) in 2011. J.P. has been recognized with multiple local and international awards, namely, the 2010 “Top Ten Outstanding Overseas Business Leaders” by Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China, the 2011 “Distinguished Business Leadership” award by “Extraordinary Power” Yearbook sponsored by Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China. In 2011, he was awarded with ‘Visiting Professor” by Nanjing Normal University School of Music.

Henry A. MillerManaging Partner, Venture Capital & Private Equity
With significant experience, domestic and international tax compliance and policy, international legal, administrative and management experience in developing and implementing strategies associated with business development, asset acquisitions (domestic and foreign), corporate restructuring (over $20 billion in transactions), cutting-edge tax structured financing instruments and regulatory compliance. Former responsibilities include CFO of an NYSE AMEX listed company and CFO and CAO for a VC firm (one of founding members).

As General Counsel, Vice President, Tax and Tax Counsel for a publicly traded U.S. company and its foreign subsidiaries responsibilities included compliance with tax and securities laws, antitrust and FCPA compliance programs, structuring and negotiating various mergers, acquisitions, major construction and development contracts, represented Freeport in negotiations with the Indonesian government and financial instruments. Structured tax efficient securities for public offerings in Australia, Indonesia, the US and Europe.

Jason Hsu Managing Director
• Over 30 years of domestic and international experience in commercial real estate investments, asset management and private equity investments.
• Serves as the Vice Chairman of Apex Landmark investment committee.
• Represents domestic and international groups of High-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.