International & Domestic Investor Base

The majority of our capital comes from sophisticated High-net-worth individuals and blue-chip institutional investors in North America and Asia.

Investors We Serve

Facilitating the flow of domestic and international capital by serving our investors in the United States identify, select and negotiate the acquisition of companies to achieve their investment and/or business objectives. Thus, the investments can be either “strategic” (where the investors seek to expand its existing business in the U.S.); or “portfolio” (where the investor is passive and leaves control of the company in the hands of asset managers). In addition, there will be, by definition, changes in the company’s capitalization with our clients’ capital contribution – and perhaps simultaneous or follow-on outside capital contribution.

Investors Profile

  • A. Global Conglomerate Corporation
  • B. Real Estate Investment Firm
  • C. Private Equity Fund
  • D.High-Net-Worth Individuals