Through creations of our dedicated venture capital investment vehicles, Apex Landmark seeks to commercialize technologies of domestic and international universities and research institutions. We seek to distribute final commercialized technology products into domestic U.S. market and large Chinese market to maximize success rate of each investment. Our strategic institutional investors will also serve as distributors and consumers of commercialized technology products. It will also attract both domestic and international corporations to be engaged in building strong university/research institution and Industrial partnerships.

Research & Innovation
• Technology commercialization through universities and research institutions intellectual property portfolio.

• Provide seed capital as well as subsequent series A & B funding and Series C exit strategy.
• Additional resource support including office space, mentorship and resources.

Manufacturing & Logistics
• Provide in-depth product development support.
• Available domestic and international logistics full service support to better serve market demands.

Marketing & Sales
• Provide access to some of China’s largest energy and healthcare companies and its distribution network and channels.
• Secure product placements with strategic investor partners to expand market.