Apex Landmark Emerges as the ‘Peak of Alternative Investments’

Houston, TX, October 2nd, 2016: Alternative investments firm Apex Landmark announced it would sharpen its focus on two steadily growing investment markets, namely China and the United States. The firm’s top management have a significant experience in the areas of real estate investment and asset management in both countries mentioned.

Mr. J. P. Li, founder and CEO of Apex Landmark, has contributed to the firm his 10 years of experience in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, real-estate investment and cross-cultural communication and investment management.
It comes as no surprise that Apex Landmark has aimed to position itself as the most trusted advisor for clients who intend to venture into new territories, particularly from China to the United States.

It has long been a commitment and mission of the investment firm to establish a leading business eco-system which encourages local and international economic development via key strategic partnerships and a skilled combination of domestic and executive investments on behalf of individual and institutional investors. A majority of the firm’s capital has consequently come from high net-worth individuals and blue-chip institutional investors in North America and Asia.

Apex Landmark’s two major divisions are comprised of real estate investment and asset management, with each division made up of experienced professionals each bringing their expertise on board to Apex Landmark’s most successful investments and asset management projects for a variety of clients in both Asia and the United States.

Harnessing impressive instinct for global markets and a true understanding of the global economy, Apex Landmarks is geared towards achieving its goal of creating outstanding growth and value for its clients, for its local and international investment community and its partners.